GSM Backhauling for Mobile Operators

GSM backhauling for mobile operators

There are many reasons that attracts the mobile operators to implement VSAT solutions for mobile backhaul and the main reason is to provide the most possible cost-effective solution for rural users who cannot be reached by other backhaul technologies such as fibre or microwave.
Morgan space can help the mobile operators to set up a service in unreachable regions and become the market leader and get customer loyalty. We can also help the mobile operators to expand their business while providing existing customers with new coverage in remote areas without extra charge for their customers.
There are regulations and requirements to force mobile operators to provide coverage in rural areas. Morgan space gives mobile operators to meet these requirements and offer high-quality voice and data services in remote areas while connecting these areas with the mobile operators network infrastructure. Finally, Morgan Space has good experience with quality of service in providing GSM backhauling to mobile operators or other businesses who want the same service. Again Morgan Space is your choice and essential partner to expand your coverage and extend your network to connect your customers and maintain customer satisfaction.

GSM backhauling

  • Backup connectivity service
  • Internet via satellite
  • Raw capacity.
  • Equipment

Benefits and features

Rapid and profitable service expansion
  • Comply with Universal Service Obligation and Funding
  • (USO/USF)
  • Cost effective for large and small 2G/2.5G/2.75G cell sites
  • Lower CAPEX and OPEX achieved with:
    • Dual access scheme for large and small cells
    • Improved efficiency - header/payload compression
  • Central management and control