Satellite Internet

Satellite internet

The satellite internet is an ideal connectivity for remote locations where there is no terrestrial internet access or the quality is unreliable and poor. If this is the case then Morgan Space can solve your problem and ensure that your business and end users are connected to the internet.

Internet via satellite (shared and dedicated) is offered in different packages such as silver, gold and platinum as well as a custom plan with speed up to 2 Mbps.

Benefits and features

  • Covers remote and rural areas:
    The advantage of using satellite internet is the wide coverage to any location in any area within the footprint of Arabsat C band or extended C band coverage. Please have a look on. our coverage areas
  • High speed access:
    The high speed internet access and the ability to connect any remote locations spread across large distances through a secure private link.
  • Cost-effective:
    The satellite internet is the most effective choice for off-shore businesses such as oil companies to communicate with their headquarters hundreds of miles away where as other solutions such as fiber would be very costly and takes time to deploy.
  • Reliability:
    With Morgan space satellite network which consists of Teleport, NOC and VSAT terminal the chances for network outages are reduced to the minimum compared to terrestrial networks such as cable or DSL where the chance for network outages is higher and can occur at any point along the infrastructure.