Morgan Space Teleport

Morgan space is a VSAT satellite communications company; that have and control its own teleports and NOC. Both are located at our facility in Dubai (UAE). Morgan space has main 3 antennas at the Teleport; two 4.5m and 3.7m antennas, working with Arabsat Bard6 & 5C satellites. The footprint provides coverage across Africa; Europe, and most of Asia. Currently we provide C Band services through Arabsat Badr6: (26 ° E) & Arabsat 5C: (20° E). Morgan Space Teleport brings reliable broadband internet and connectivity to customers and end user. Morgan space is using highly advanced VSAT systems (Indoor), RF Components (Outdoor), Power Supply with Multiple-Source backups (General Electricity; Solar System with Batteries and UPS systems).

Morgan Space Data Centre

Our Data Centre is equipped with most advanced servers dedicated space segment line cards, routers, core switches, protocol processors and hub equipment. The data centre is a 24/7 secured building by cameras and ID system to protect your data. All this equipment is backed up by our experienced engineering team who manage and maintain the data centre. Morgan space teleport and NOC have full redundancy. If one of the antennas failed the spare one will take over the connectivity to maintain service availability. In case of power supply interruption/fluctuation, the UPS system will fill the gaps automatically. Morgan space has a full redundant components to keep our customers online.

Morgan Space NOC

Morgan Space has a 365/24/7 NOC Engineers who are available at the Teleport to monitor the network all the time for O&M operations. They provide L1 Support for customer’s inquiries/tickets, and escalate higher L2 Support issues to the Technical Support Team. NOC Engineers monitor all service and equipment provided by MICT Group (i.e. MorganSPACE, MorganTEL & MorganZONE companies).